Jesus, I'm in your hands that still the storm, raise the dead, heal the sick, clean the lepers, feed thousands with little, give sight to the blind, turn water into wine, and drive out demons. That hand never grows weary. So thankful! You also put our enemies under our feet.

Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty, Who was, and is, and is to come, Hallelujah to the King, our God reigns


Let the church be the church, this is your time to shine in all your glory, not only in words but also in deeds and in truth, making our commander and chief proud and glorious at such a time as this, the harvest is ripe and needs workers to reap.

Persecution will be the wings that you will use to fly high.

Do you know the church of the 21st century represents the seven churches in Revelation, therefore taking heed to what is admonished? (Remember the church is universal, from every tribe, tongue, and culture )

Arise and shine, you are the light of the world!


  1. Remember how far you have fallen- return, change the way you think and act and do what you did at first
  2. Don't be afraid of what you are going to suffer, be faithful until death  
  3.   Stop following the Balaams, Balak, and the Nicolaitan teaching
  4. Don't tolerate Jezebel and sexual sins, and hold on to what you have
  5. Be alert and strengthen the things that are about to die
  6. An open door is in front of you that no man can shut
  7. don't be lukewarm

 Father Who art in heaven, you have given the church the authority and power through Jesus Christ by His Spirit to function and reign in the 21st century in this present broken world, unite these churches has one as is the prayer of Jesus

Father, as Jesus set an open door for His church, likewise Father set open heaven where angels ascend and descend as in Jacob's dream to minister to the church of Jesus Christ in the 21st century.  


I blessed the High God, thanking and glorifying God, who lives forever:

 “His sovereign rule lasts and lasts,

    his kingdom never declines and falls.
Life on this earth doesn’t add up to much,
    but God’s heavenly army keeps everything going.
No one can interrupt his work,
    no one can call his rule into question.

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