Do you know? the presence of the Lord covers the earth as water covers the sea, the problem is we are not aware or conscious of His presence, and there is nowhere we can go from Him, even if we find a way to space, He will still be there. He will be the elephant in the room!

Abba  Holy Father, You seem to hide Yourself, and only those who search for You with all their hearts will find You, You hide behind our smiles, our hugs, our pains, our sorrows and our joys, like Jesus Who walk and talk with two men on a journey and they have no clue Who He was, until He revealed Himself.

Abba Holy Father

Thank You for Your presence with us in our good times and bad times, in the trenches of life and in the splendor of the palace, in death as in life, in the dark or the light, for they are all the same to you.

Thank You that Your presence gives us comfort and reassurance to face that which we fear, knowing that we can go through the fire and not be burned, through the flood and it will not overflow us, for Your presence surround us, and in us. We so in need of Your presence in our world that is changing by the hour and not for the good. The battle for survival intensified nation by nation, city by city, communities by communities, families by families.

Thank You for the peace and joy that comes from Your presence which gives us the strength to keep walking and to lend a helping hand to those that are in need in our pathway.

Abba Father, teach us the art of conversation and reasoning when we are aware of Your presence, and how to be still and allow you to speak as in the case of Job.

Abba Father let this be our new reality on this side of life

Abba Father let this be our new reality on this side of life

Abba, although Your presence is everywhere, yet when we become aware, it brings us such joy, peace, and comfort in the lion dens and the fiery furnaces of our lives, so we can experience heaven on earth.
Abba if ever a time we need to sense and have your presence it is in the here and now

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