Whom God bless let no man put asunder. Its the only union that can reproduce naturally.
The purpose of marriage is to produced families to continue the next generation to have dominion, multiplied, and replenished the earth as God ideal arrangement for mankind.

In the 21st century marriage/ common law relationships has become room mates with benefits.

Marriage a good thing


Thank You for the institution of marriage, it is a good thing, no matter the culture. A man who finds a wife finds a good thing.

When You declare a thing good; it is good, not only is it good it has your favor on it, no wonder the enemy tries to diminishes its value and effectiveness in our society. With all the forces of darkness coming against it, marriage today needs Your daily interventions for the children sake and the next generation if the Lord does tarry.

Humanity no longer sees their words as binding and true, their tongue holds so much hatred and disloyalty, you cannot tell when its the truth or a lie, and our children are been fed false hope and despair at the same time.

Therefore Father, unless You preserve this institution, as You did the Hebrew boys in the fiery furnace, and let it stand the test of time, and the enemy can come thus far and no more; as You set the boundary for the sea.

Did you know? If you are going to take on the status of marriage, make sure you acquired knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, without you won't last in the last days.

Did you know? Marriage is not legal unless it is consummated.

Did you know? Marriage is a contract, not an emotional field trip.

Did you know? Marriage required accountability- You no longer belongs to yourself.

Did you know? That first dance should never stop, it is the rhythm of the marriage.

Marriage is not roommates with benifits

Prayer for marriages in the 21st century

Father, the author, and sustainer of the marriage act, in the beginning, it was between a man and a woman, and they were to become one flesh. In today society through legislation has redefined the marriage order to suit the desire of society. While you will not interfere with the choices of men, but the consequences will be felt by society in the years to come, our children will be the ones who will be subjected to the laws of the land that governs, therefore for their sake give them inner strength to resist the norm of the time and be determined to uphold your wishes and commands. I pray for those who will defy the wishes of men and choose the traditional values of marriage, that you will bless the bed that is undefiled, and the children from these unions, may your hand of provision always supply their need in times of famine and lack. they bodies will be spare from the many diseases that will abound. May the men love their wives with knowledge and understanding to avoid the wiles of the enemy, likewise wives, so the purpose and plans for marriage will meet its objective as intended.

Prayer for husbands


We are living at a time of social, economic, and political changes, and society adoption of these changes, which affect the foundation of the homes as instituted by you. Therefore I pray for husbands the leaders in the overall welfare and protection under his control.

on the social scale, husbands are push back more and more from leadership, and protectors, and becoming more and more selfish and insensitive to the needs around him. Pressured by sociality to adopt the norm of everyday ways of survival.

On the economic front when jobs are scarce and the means to give his family a good standard of living leaves him frustrated and hopeless, and his wife taking on the burden of releasing the pressure and tension to support the household from total meltdown.

On the political front where more is required to keep the systems going and more and more is left in the pockets to go around to the basic need that is required to keep the head above waters.

Father, you promise to be our refuge and strength, and present help in trouble, and that you will supply all our needs in Christ Jesus, and you can create rivers in the desert, therefore help husbands to depend on you as their source, knowing they are being obedient to your words of instruction. When you give a word of instruction, and its obeyed problem solve!

Our Father in Heaven, in Christ Jesus, we have our being, and in him were all things made, and hold together in perfect harmony. I pray for Christian homes, they are like a beacon of light in a dark world, peace and shelter from the storms of life.

There will be invisible attackers that seek to dismantle the union of the family to hold a hammer over their head as justification for the world sins and depravity. Pray that each home will build you an altar to burn away the ideology of the world, and where they can present themselves as living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to you. You gave us the natural way of things that from them we can learn and aline ourselves to your ways and purposes. The enemy also uses the natural to confuse and discourage us from knowing your ways and purposes, therefore fortified the home, with your words, print them on the hearts of our children to combat the facts and theories of the world. so we can be salt and light to our community, our country, and the world at large. Give the home great grace to withstand every device of the enemy, as he sought to enter, with the purpose to steal, kill and destroy. Give the understanding, we do not wrestle flesh and blood, therefore our partners, and children are not our enemy, but the invisible forces that create strongholds to bring about destructions. Give discerning eyes to see the minefields set up as causes to bring about the desired effects. Let our home motto be " as for me and my house we will serve the Lord" and create the atmosphere of freedom to express the emotions of the heart without condemnation.